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100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Marietta GA
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Finally feeling good running again

❝Dr. Kristin is the best of the best! I was having
major pain during running due to my hips being off kilter, and she's managed to help me so much that we don't even remember which hip is the bad one anymore. � Finally feeling good running again... thanks Dr. K!!!❞

Jaime N.

Exceptional chiropractor!

❝Dr. Kris is an exceptional chiropractor. I make sure I pay him a visit every time I'm in the States.❞
Aaron M

Amazing practice!

❝"Just an amazing practice. Caring and have made a huge difference in my health." - From our Facebook Page❞
Leah S

BEST in Atlanta!

❝Dr. Kristin is the BEST in Atlanta!
I was way overdue for an adjustment, Dr. Kristin fit me in last minute! My problem areas already feel better. Chiropractic care is so important for your body, I can't wait for my future adjustments!❞

Sydney G.

Amazing chiropractor!

❝Great man, amazing chiropractor! I trust him with my spine.❞
Blake B

I feel terrific!

❝Dr. Kris Headlee is very thorough with gentle but effective hands. I had pain behind my left shoulder blade and it hurt to breath (probably from deadlifts I was doing yesterday). When I went in to see him, he not only fixed my issue (no more pain with breathing), but assessed other spinal areas and extremities that I didn't even realize yet were problems. He tested, adjusted, and re-checked, and I felt like I was very well cared for. I'm about to go to the gym now and I feel terrific! Thanks doc!❞
Andrew S.

Wonderful Chiropractors

❝Dr. Kristin and Dr. Kris are always so kind to me. I followed them from their old location in Buckhead. The quality of care and time Dr. Kristin gives me shows how passionate she is about her patients. I'm 110% positive she has her patients best interest in mind. She holds the healing power in her hands and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for nothing short than a wonderful chiropractor. They also have a perfect location!❞
Natalie W.

They keep me functioning optimally!

❝Dr. Dominguez and Dr.Headlee are great at what they do. As an athlete, I push myself to limits on a regular basis and they keep me functioning optimally! They have helped me through multiple minor injuries to quickly get me back to 100%. As a coach, I recommend them to all of my athletes so that they can move efficiently, effectively and pain free. They are a great team that will work together to fix your body. ❞
Coach Chris C - CrossFit Coach/Instructor

I've already scheduled my next appointment.

❝"Dr. Kristin is absolutely wonderful. I never thought an adjustment could change how you're breathing. All of this time, I've been missing out on my fair share of air and didn't even know it. I recently had ACL and meniscus surgery, so my back had been giving me issues. By the time Dr. Kristin was done, not only am I inhaling all this extra air, my limp has straightened out. I've already scheduled my next appointment." - From our Facebook Page❞
Marcie P